How to distinguish between cheaters and honest companies:

The scammers usually show only E-mail ,fake telephone ,fake address and no third party certification.
The legit company like us have Bizverify ,correct address ,correct telephone and GMAIL

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  • DHL1107817502
  • DHL1954751002
  • DHL4765678724
  • DHL1504415404
  • DHL1398087810
  • DHL1107814131
  • DHL6881579950
  • DHL8379538974
  • DHL2378748794
  • DHL1531139713

PS: DHL's public query system always invisible the result if you are looking at older(3 months ago)records of shipments.

We heard many customers have experience : They don't get goods after paid ! 

Welcome tell me your experience of being cheated, all of the cheaters has the following characteristics:

A. Companies that scam do not have authentic telephone numbers nor addresses on their website. Furthermore, more than 85% of the time, no one will answer the fake number they provided you with. However on our website, we have real and 24/7 business numbers and our actual warehouse address. Call us at anytime and we will offer you proof of any kind you desire:)

B. their price is so overstep (90%) and they are not any member of B2B site (because B2B company always anti-fraud).we have passed Third-Party BizVerify of Diytrade! you can complaint if we don't ship your parcel or no satisfied with our service.

C. they couldn't scamed for a long time! so you can't find more credible information about it if google search by their website's informations.

Hong Kong 97 Limited